Structure Collection

Textures and three-dimensional, embossed ridges of up to several millimetres, sensational colours and forms - that's WallFace, that's wall panels and wall coverings from the Structure Collection.

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STRUCTURE COLLECTION WallFace wall panels and wall coverings.

Vintage, Stone, Concrete, Metal, or Wood – the multitude of Looks possible with these self-adhesive decorative coverings opens up an almost endless spectrum of possible applications.

The 2.6 m2, 100% PVC-free panels can be easily cut with any normal utility knife. The flexibility of the materials makes the wall panels perfect for curves as well.

By means of screen or digital printing, most of the panels in the Structure Collection can be further upgraded with your logo or writing, creating a sensational advertising space.

Please check the details in each of the product descriptions for further information.